Mission, vision and values


Promote and boost the international partnerships and collaborations through the participation in H2020 and other European related calls (LIFE+, Interreg, ENPI, etc).

Attend meetings and seminarsrelated in EU-funded research projects in order to increase, through networking activities, the participation of FIHGUV in a wider range of proposals.

Offer guidance to Research/Clinical groups in the preparation of EU-funded proposals.

Provide administrative management support from the preparation phase of the project to the implementation and final justification phases.

Protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from the research idea to the exploitation of research results in order to increase the added-value extracted from projects.

Disseminate scientific results in order to foster visibility.



FIHGUV will expand the use of its resources to enhance interdisciplinary and interprofessional Research in global health issues, and to boost international exposure for FIHGUV researchers and clinicians.

International Projects Office of FIHGUV willact as a catalyst for health research coordination in the University General Hospital of Valencia having an impact on innovation processes and effective knowledge translation.



  • Teaching and Research are inseparable parts of Medical Assistance.
  • Comply with the ethical recommendations of the Institution.
  • Commitment to the Hospital goals.
  • Adaptability for Innovation.
  • Quality improvement in Research.
  • Relationship with different Institutions and Research Groups.